Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Unpopular Opinions Tag

The lovely Cait @ Paperfury has nominated me for the Unpopular Opinions Tag, and I’m excited to finally work it into my schedule. Thank you, Cait! (Edit: Opal @ Opal Swirls has also tagged me for this. Thank you, Opal!) As we all know, I do enjoy being contrary. Also, this one is especially nice because it doesn’t come with rules (which is fine, since I probably wouldn’t have followed them anyway). So, without any further ado, here are the categories.

A Popular Book or Series I Disliked

Well, I’m going to echo Cait here and say THIRTEEN REASONS WHY by Jay Asher. The concept had potential, but the message was awful. Our main character has left behind a series of thirteen tapes explaining her reasons for killing herself. In the end, though, these tapes really just amount to emotional abuse, and yet, while reading the book, I almost felt like I couldn’t admit that because this girl committed suicide and it would be cruel of me to speak ill of her. But it’s true. Her reasons for killing herself are not overwhelming—I wouldn’t look at her life and think, “Oh, the poor dear.” Honestly, of all the bullies in the book, she was the worst. And I felt that the story was really just saying, “Hey, if someone does something that bothers you, you should kill yourself and then tell them it’s they’re fault so they’ll be sorry.” Ummm…...

A Popular (or Unpopular) Book/Series Most People Hate But I Love

Wait for it.

Wait for it.


Like I’ve said before (multiple times), I read so many negative reviews about it, I just knew I had to buy it and read it for myself. And then, of course, I fell in love.

A Love Triangle Where the Main Character Ends Up With the Wrong Person

*gleefully rubs hands together* I’ve been waiting for this one.

For starters, we have MATCHED by Ally Condie. If you’ve read my review, then you’ll know I had some serious problems with the love triangle. I so, so, so, so wanted Cassia to just ditch Ky and choose Xander. So, obviously, that did not happen. *pouts*


Next up, LEGEND by Marie Lu. I wasn’t a huge fan of June, and I wasn’t convinced by her romance with Day. I don’t care how you slice it, I won’t listen. Day and Tess are clearly much more compatible. Now please excuse me while I go sulk.

And finally, DOVE ARISING by Karen Bao. Okay, so there isn’t any romance in the book, really. But it seems pretty evident that there will be something between Wes and Phaet, which is dumb because Umbriel and Phaet are perfect for each other.

A Popular Genre I Don’t Usually Read

Hmm. It’s a bit of a toss-up. I don’t read much Fantasy anymore, mainly because I got so into it I burnt myself out. And I don’t read much Contemporary either, but I have been getting into it a bit more lately. I just don’t find it as interesting. But, most of all, I’m not into Romance. My cold Vulcan heart can’t stomach it (with a few exceptions, of course).  

A Character Everyone Likes But I Don’t

*cue maniacal laughter*

Gale Hawthorn from the HUNGER GAMES trilogy by Suzanne Collins. Yeah, I said it. He’s self-centered, blind to Katniss’s emotional needs, and often downright cruel. While she’s running around getting traumatized, he’s running around whining about Katniss and Peeta. Get some perspective, Gale. Poor, darling Katniss has been through TWO STINKING HUNGER GAMES, and it’s a safe bet sorting out which guy she’s going to date isn’t very high on her list of priorities. So give her a break and stop sulking.

A Popular Author I Haven’t Been Able To Get Into


John Green. I read the first few chapters of three of his books, and I just wasn’t all that interested. I’m sorry. PAPER TOWNS and LOOKING FOR ALASKA seemed to have the exact same tone, and I just didn’t feel myself pulled in. (Although, someday I may read AN ABUNDANCE OF KATHERINES because that one does sound a little more intriguing.)

A Popular Trope/Cliché I am Sick and Tired of Reading

So many teens in YA are irresponsible and (slightly) dumb. Not all teens are like that. When I was a young-un, I went to bed at 9:00 on school nights because I WANTED to. I never went to parties, and I didn’t sit around whining about boys or playing vicious pranks on my supposed friends. In fact, I rarely ever got in trouble. (But, I’ll admit, people like me don’t make for interesting stories. We just sit around and do responsible things all day. Lame.)

Too many short female protagonists. I mean, I’m 5’7” on a good day, and if I didn’t feel tall enough already, YA is there to point out that I am FREAKISHLY tall. To make matters worse, while these dainty, little heroines go about their adventures, the tall, mean girls make their lives miserable. I think I’m going to develop a complex.

A Popular Series I Just Don’t Feel Like Reading

The ANGELFALL series by Susan Ee. Nope, I’m just not hugely interested in books about angels.


A Show/Movie Adaptation I Preferred Over the Book


THE MAZE RUNNER by James Dashner. The book was good, plotwise, but I felt the movie took the story and smoothed over some of the weaknesses. Also, while I could imagine the maze while reading the novel, I enjoyed actually seeing it on the screen.

A Popular Style of Book Cover I Dislike (this question was added by the infamous Cait)

Covers with shirtless men. Like, excuse me, but I ain’t reading that in public. Also, covers with people kissing. Just, ew. (This is me being very grown up and mature.) But in all seriousness, I don’t read much romance, so if there are people kissing on the cover, it won’t catch my fancy.


And there you have it, all my unpopular opinions. Feel free to disagree with me, but be forewarned, if you get tiffy I might throw stale coffee at your face.


  1. I definitely feel you with Matched there, and I don't read much contemporary, either—I will say that I definitely am not a Vulcan because I'm kind of turning into a romance junkie. I'm not much into John Green, either. Beyond that, I don't even feel qualified to have an opinion, unpopular or no, because I haven't read these! Anyway, thanks for sharing your unpopular opinions. They're certainly interesting. :D

    1. What, not a Vulcan?? *shakes head in despair* Well, you are allowed your romance, but I honestly dislike the genre with a passion. I guess I'm just not a very romantic person. I'm glad you like it though. :) Well, you are still qualified to have an opinion, even if it's totally wrong and off base. :P

  2. I didn't like Gale either. I can't see how John Green is so amazing. Like, he is funny, but I find the plots repetitive.
    The Maze Runner film was surprisingly well done. And shirtless men and kissing- ew.

    1. O_O Finally, someone else who doesn't like Gale. I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one, since most people I know where shipping Gale and Katniss.

      I'm sure John Green has some cool stuff going for him, like the funniness--maybe he's relatable or something. But all his books just sound the same--even An Abundance of Katherines, though the concept is different enough I may give a whirl. And I don't find myself interested in The Fault in Our Stars at all--but that might be because I sometimes balk at reading super popular books.

      Yeah, I was really impressed the film. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like shirtless men and kissing on book covers. (Seriously, though, when I walk by the Walmart romance section, I try to pretend I don't exist because it's a little embarrassing just to be seen in the same store as some of those novels.) Ah well.

  3. Ohmygod. I'm weeping for all the ships I shipped that never sailed. So many. Love triangles *shakes head*

    The book was okayish, for the Maze Runner. I've yet to see the movie (I know, wayyyy too late to hop on the boat now but XD) so let's see how good it is. IS IT FINE IF I ACT LIKE A MATURE TEENAGER TOO? Seriously, every young adult's life isn't moping about how many love interests they have and getting drunk at frat parties. Aywho.

    I second you and Opal. Shirtless men and kissing ew.

    1. Grr, love triangles are so mean. All those ships. I thinks that's partially why I love Divergent, because Tris doesn't get tangled up in a love triangle.

      I actually watched the movie before I read The Maze Runner, which I think helped me like the book better. On its own, the book isn't as great as it could have been, I agree. I think I especially like it because the movie helps it out, if that makes sense. And you're never too late to hop on that boat! There's always room for at least one more.

      YES, IT IS FINE TO ACT LIKE A MATURE TEENAGER. I think getting drunk at parties and moping about love interests, while true about some (even many) teens, is still a bit of a stereotype, because I was nothing like and I know a bunch of others who weren't either.

      Yes, shirtless men and kissing, both very gross. Both not something I want to see on a book cover.

  4. I agree on so many points! Like, I felt bad for the MC in 13 Reasons Why, I did, but I just could not justify her killing herself. Like no. Her reasons just weren't good enough. And then why did she send the tapes to Clay??????????

    Xander + Cassia is definitely better than Cassia + Ky

    I always liked Peeta better than Gale, but I'd never thought of the latter quite so poorly. But you make a lot of good points; *squints at character* he's kinda falling in my eyes.


    1. Same. Like, I want to be understanding, because I struggle with depression too. But she's not just depressed, she's cruel. And I'm not okay with cruelty of that sort.


      It took me a while to realize why I preferred Peeta over Gale. :P I remembered liking Gale well enough, though not nearly as much as Peeta. But when I reread I really didn't like him at all. *sad face*

      Thank you for commenting! :)