Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Enough About You, Let's Talk About Me

*awkward laugh* 

Please accept this delicious-looking food as a peace offering. 

Normally, when I share random facts about myself, it’s within the context of a tag. But today I felt like talking about myself for no good reason. What could possibly go wrong? 

Fact One

Cutting onions doesn't make me cry. But it really hurts my eyes, so I have to wash them out under the faucet. This can be frustrating, because the onion juice stays in the air for a good while, and I usually end up needing to wash out my eyes multiple times. 

Fact Two

When I’m in my early thirties, I want to move to England and get British citizenship, if I can. I’m somewhat surprised I’ve never mentioned my love of all things British on this here blog before, but now you know. Admittedly, I’ve never visited England, which is probably why I’ve held back from discussing my plans. I could visit for a couple weeks and realize I've been idealizing it, which is why I fully intend to do my research before I make any life-changing decisions. But it’s been my long-term goal for years and I want to make it happen, if at all possible. 

Fact Three

I want to keep several pets when I have my own place. I want a cat, a rabbit, a hedgehog, three rats, and two mice. I also want a shark. (I know, I know—I already hear your objections. Hedgehogs are very dangerous and spiky. I understand, but I will make sure to take proper safety precautions to prevent injury.)

Fact Four

I am chronically tired. (I already know it’s not Lyme disease or thyroid problems, because I was tested for those a few years ago, though for different reasons.) Iron supplements help a bit, and my tiredness does vary in severity. Usually it’s bearable, and usually exercise helps, but sometimes it gets so bad I half worry that, if I close my eyes while walking, I’ll fall asleep mid-step. It doesn’t matter how much sleep I get, whether six hours or eleven. Most days, I’m ready to call it a night before I’ve even had lunch (but I have responsibilities, so I don’t actually go to bed that early). 

Fact Five

Related to my fatigue, coffee has little to no effect on my wakefulness. It will make me jittery, and it will make my brain work harder, but it won’t make me feel less tired. This might be connected to my inability to get addicted to caffeine. However, if I pretend the coffee will work, sometimes I think I manage to benefit from the placebo effect. 

Fact Six

I like driving in heavy rain or snow. I don’t necessarily feel safer, but the challenge makes my mind snap into focus, and I end up feeling more awake than I normally do. 

Fact Seven

I win a lot of giveaways. This year alone I’ve won eight (nine books in all). When you consider how many other people have entered those various giveaways, this is statistically impressive (at least, I think it is). It has escalated now. On Monday I got a random, brand new, expensive vacuum cleaner in the mail (with no return address, so I don't know who sent it). It was addressed to “Liz Brooks” which is already weird because, of the few people and places that have my new address, most have it under “Elizabeth Brooks”. It is possible someone bought this for me, though no one has stepped forward, and I rather doubt someone would buy me an expensive piece of machinery without first making sure I needed it (and again, there’s the address issue). It is also possible I won this in a giveaway, but I have a good memory, and I have no recollection of entering a giveaway featuring a vacuum cleaner. Either way, I seem to have good luck, in this and in other aspects of life, and I am curious to see what else will happen. *sits and waits patiently for a Lamborghini to come in the mail* Just kidding, that’s greedy. *hides pile of lottery tickets* 

Fact Eight

Last month, I was sitting outside with the landlord's cat on my lap, drinking tea and keeping really still because the cat kept trying to bite my earbud cords. I don't know why exactly (perhaps it smelled my floral tea), but a little bird flew up to check me out, and the cat caught it without even getting off my lap. Because cats are evil and like to watch their prey suffer, I had to finish off the bird, clean up the blood, and dispose of the body myself. This is Exhibit A in the long list of reasons why I could never be a Disney princess. 

Fact Nine

For the past few months, I have been struggling with fear-induced procrastination and have ended up writing and editing the majority of my blog posts the day I’m supposed to publish them. At long last, though, I managed to write this post a couple days ahead. Go me. 

What about you, my little coffee beans? What are some fun facts about you? Do you win a lot of giveaways? What pets do you own/want to own? Do onions make you cry?


  1. Oh I LIKE random fun fact posts!! Yours are always particularly awesome (probably because you're such a fun writer. ;) I dreeeam of going to Paris, just because like all the famous authors used to be in Paris, so if I go I'LL GET FAMOUS, RIGHT?! #goals And I hear ya about the tiredness. Although mine is just because insomnia, dangit. Coffee does nothing for me too. I could totally drink full caffeinated coffee and then take a nap. -_-
    Also idek what kind of cake that picture is, but I want one or 9, please and thankyou.
    I also want a pet hedgehog. Probably, two, though, so they can play with each other and it'll be adorable.

    1. Yay! *flings confetti* Aww, thank you! Yes, that is exactly right. *goes to Paris with you* Ugh, insomnia is no fun. I get it from time to time, and yeah. *sad face* I'll drink coffee right before bed time with no effect. It's lame. :P
      IT'S SO MUCH FUN. And a couple days after I wrote this post, I won ANOTHER giveaway. *drowns in free books*
      *gives you cake*
      Hedgehogs are adorable. I want at least seven. *dies from the cuteness*
      Thank you for commenting! :)

  2. I had a hedgehog as a pet! It was a gorgeous little one, and actually it's okay to pat them so long as you do it from their head down their backs, and not the other way. (Unless you want to be pricked). Sadly it died as the pet store sold it to us too early, and it should have still been with its mother. :( Poor Hedgie.
    Random facts about, I can't stand hot drinks? It doesn't matter about the taste, but the hot water irritates my throat and makes me want to gag. I'll drink cold water gladly, even in winter. I'm such a strange bunny. XD
    I loved these random facts about you!

    1. Aww, you're so lucky! And that is good to know that you can pat them, because animals seem to like being patted. Poor Hedgie. That's so depressing. I got a baby dwarf hamster once, and it died two weeks after I bought it. :(
      Interesting! I've never heard about anyone else who hates them, but that is really intriguing. Cold drinks are yummy though. :)
      Aww, thank you, and thank you for commenting! :)

  3. LOved this post!

    I've always wanted to live in England too. Maybe not get citizenship. Because I want to live in a hundred different places for like two years each. Like Canada, Britain, Ireland, France, Japan, Norway, etc. And different states too. I just want to travel. . .

    A hedgehog sounds like an awesome pet. Now the shark. . . you're going to need a very large fish bowl. XD I've always wanted a ferret though. I know they have a smell (but most animals do), but they're so cute and they have these weird bursts of energy followed by prolonged naps. Which is kind of like my non-existent social life. *cough*

    Being tired all the time stinks. :P Especially to such an extreme.

    Gosh, that was rude of the cat to attack the poor bird and not even finish the job. I hate it when stuff like that happens.

    1. Aww, thank you!

      Ooh, we're pretty much twins, is what you're saying. :) Admittedly, it would be fun to travel and live in different places, but the thought of not settling down in a permanent home is a little scary for me. I like the idea of developing roots, since I've never really gotten the chance to do so before.

      Hedgehogs for the win. Yeah, I'm thinking I might need a slightly larger bowl for sharkie. My understanding is that ferrets don't smell as bad if you have the scent glands removed. And they are adorable. (Of course, if you get one, you will have to watch your socks and other small objects, because they will steal/hoard things.) *laughs for an embarrassingly long time because this also describes my social life*

      It does. :P

      I know, so rude. And it happened right after I was thinking about how peaceful it was to sit with the cat, and how petting her was helping with my anxiety. *facepalm*

      Thank you for commenting! :)

  4. Bruh you have won so many giveaways. Which, of course, the more you enter the more you're likely to win but still. That's pretty intense. I do still enjoy the fact that you got a vacuum cleaner for no reason. I find that highly amusing.

    Driving in snow for me can be fun, but driving in rain can really bother me. I don't like hydroplaning that much and the visibility gets really bad really quickly. Also, snow is so much quieter than rain. But still. I kind of get what you mean.

    Also, good on you for putting that bird out of its misery. Maybe you couldn't be a Disney princess, but you could definitely be an Elven princess from The Inheritance Cycle or something. And really, which would you rather be? (Just kidding, all princesses are great.)

    Thanks for sharing these pieces of yourself with us! :)

    1. I have. And after I posted this, I won another. *shakes head* Magical powers, I tell you, magical powers. It's only a matter of time before government agents try to dissect me. And it's great that I have the extra vacuum cleaner, because my old one is basically dying now. :P

      Hydroplaning is pretty scary. And it can be more tense when there's more traffic, I admit.

      I figured I had to, because it was really suffering, and it's little eyes were so panicked. It seemed like the closest thing to mercy. (You make a great case. Elven princesses win. :P)

      You're welcome, and thank you for commenting! :)

  5. Cutting onions used to not make me cry when I was a kid.

    I saw what you did there with fact 3 ;)

    Chronically tired, huh? Anaemia? I often get tired as well nowadays. But mainly on Saturdays.

    I want to win giveaways too, *pouts*

    1. The trick is not to get too attached. (Please don't hit me.)


      I do have mild anemia, but I also have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. :(

      *sprinkles magical winning dust on you* Voila. Now you shall win all the things.

      Thank you for commenting! :)