Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Cinderella's Ball

I am pleased to announce that Ashley @ [insert title here] is celebrating her third blogversary (fairytale style), and in honor of that, I’m joining a link-up/tag she's created. Her blog party will run until the 24th, and it's fabulous and fun, so you should go check it out. *gives you puppy eyes* 

What are you still doing here? 

What would you wear to a fairytale ball?

I would wear some sort of dress, preferably dark blue and scary-looking. (I know, very specific.)

What shoes? (I don’t mean to be tedious, but this is Cinderella’s Ball.)

Shoes? SHOES? Shoes are for the weak. I would go barefoot. (Or maybe I would wear combat boots.) 

What is the most necessary accessory? 

A. Shoes! 
B. Your royal signet ring. 
C. Wildflowers for you hair. 
D. This beauty doesn’t need accessories. 
E. A red cape. 
F. Your crown. 

I would wear a crown made of wildflowers. 

What is your favorite fairytale?

Little Red Riding Hood. Scary wolf? Dark woods? Yes, please. 

At the ball, you would: 

A. Eat cake. 
B. Dance. 
D. Find a nice quiet corner from which to Sherlock people. 
E. Spy out your rival’s resources. 
F. A combination of…

I choose option F. Basically, I would camp out near the cake table and watch people from the distance. I might also dance with myself…while eating cake. *shrugs* 

You see a dwarf with his beard wedged under a boulder. He’s mistreated your help before, so you: 

A. Leave him. He deserves it. 
B. Point and laugh. 
C. Steal his gold. 
D. Help the little folk out. 
E. Trim his beard. It’s obviously a nuisance. 

Hmm. If I answer this question honesty, you’re probably going to assume I’m soft, which won’t do since I plan to be your world ruler. So I’m just going to go with C. I would steal his gold. 

Do you know anyone who reminds you of a particular fairytale? 

Yes, but if I told you about this person, the magic would be lost. 

If someone asked to marry you when they first met you, your reaction would be: 

A. Um, yes. Nobody’s cuter than them. 
B. Depends. Do they have a lot of money? Are they are serial killer with a lot of money? 
C. RUN! They’re clearly a lunatic. 
D. Love at first sight means wed at first sight. 
F. You can’t say ‘yes’ to everyone who asks to marry you. They should get in line. 
G. You fly solo. 

As a general rule, I prefer to fly solo, but if this guy had a lot of money and wasn’t a serial killer, I could be tempted to reconsider. Of course, before tying the knot, he would have to sign a paper saying that, if he were to die under random, suspicious circumstances, I would get to keep his money and his property. 

Your true love will: 

A. Give you a library. 
B. Fetch your shoes for you. 
C. Be a shallow walnut head. They’re easier to manipulate. 
D. Find you immortalized in a glass casket. They’re too late. 
E. What is this strange concept called true love? 
F. Oh, right. You fly solo. 

I will take the library. Final answer. 

Name three big events in your life, or something that took you three tries to get. 

Well, I could be wrong, but I believe it took me three tries to make a decent batch of fudge. 

Name something you have seven of. 

If you’re talking of something I have at least seven of, I would say books. If you’re talking about something I have exactly seven of, I would say seasons of Star Trek: Voyager because I own all seven. (I’m so proud of me.)

Who is your nemesis? 

A. A step-mother. 
B. A giant. 
C. A wicked witch. 
D. A dwarf whose name is either unknown or impossible to enunciate without a glossary. 
E. The Big Bad Wolf (Not just any wolf, The BBW). 
F. That insufferable youngest step-daughter of yours.

Yes on F, most emphatically yes—that insufferable youngest step-daughter of mine is my arch nemesis. (Contrary to popular belief, The BBW and I are BFFs.)

When you meet your nemesis, you dress: 

A. As formidably as they. 
B. Innocent and sweet. 
C. Like a warrior. Let’s weapon up! 
D. Rags; it’s all you’ve got. 
E. Like a huntsman. 
F. With the intimidating superiority of an evil queen.

I would dress like warrior, but I would also dress with the intimidating superiority of an evil queen. I would be a scary, evil, warrior queen. Fear me. 

Who are your allies? 

A. Seven dwarves. 
B. Your fairy godmother. 
C. Jack the Giant-Killer. 
D. ALL the forest animals. 
E. Not to be obvious, but dragons are the way to go. 
F. Your prince charming…or knight in shining armor, your preference. 

My fairy godmother is a dragon, and she makes for a most invaluable ally. 

Do you have any retelling recs for us to either watch or read? 

For movies, I would recommend watching EVER AFTER (because it’s my favorite Cinderella retelling of all time) and HOODWINKED (it’s a humorously reimagined version of Little Red Riding Hood). For books, I would recommend CINDER (and the rest of the Lunar Chronicles), ELLA ENCHANTED (Cinderella but cooler) and FAIREST (the Gail Carson Levine FAIREST, not the Marissa Meyer FAIREST, although that one is interesting as well). 

What is your favorite song from a Disney princess movie? 

It would take an entire post to explain why I like this song so much. Eventually I will probably write that post, but in the meantime you will have to wait in awful suspense. (Cue evil laughter.)

And there you have it, my little coffee beans. What would you wear to Cinderella’s ball? What are some of your favorite fairytale retellings? What is your favorite Disney princess song? Are you going to join the link-up? (The answer is yes.)


  1. I loved all of your answers!

    Especially the comment about the BBW. I shall believe that and beware.

    EVER AFTER! YES! I really think that movie is so underrated. I never hear anyone talk about it. I guess it is really different from the traditional fairytale, but I think the deviations are what make it so great.

    Thanks for joining in!

    1. Aww, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed reading them! :)

      Beware of the BBW and me. :P

      Yeah, I never hear enough people talking about it. Like, why don't more people recognize it's utter genius? Or maybe I just haven't been paying enough attention? But I really don't hear people talking about it very often. It is rather different, but I agree, those differences are what make it brilliant.

      You're welcome, and thanks for hosting it! :) I had a lot of fun doing the link-up/tag. :)

      Thanks for commenting! :)

  2. THIS IS AWESOME. Your answers are the best :')

  3. When it comes to retellings -- there's nothing quite like The Lunar Chronicles, of course. I'll never be over all the feels.

    1. *nods* The Lunar Chronicles are something else. They're just, everything I could have asked for, and more.

      Thanks for commenting! :)

  4. Aghhh, Lunar Chronicles. Also, Tangled. I insist upon all insisting that Mother Gothel is among the best of Disney villains and very much of that is due to her villain songs. They did good hiring Donna Murphy.

    1. *nods* I agree. In fact, I think Mother Gothel would have to be my top favorite. And you're right--her villain songs are wonderful. *nods*

      Thanks for commenting! :)

  5. "Yes, but if I told you about this person, the magic would be lost." -- SUSPICIOUS!

    If you love Red, you should read Little Red-Cap, a poem by Carol Ann Duffy, which totally captures the scary darkness of the woods and wolf and is extremely beautiful and just ... ugh. I love that poem.

    If I don't read Lunar Chronicles soon the entire blogosphere will kill me so ... yeah. I should do that.

    1. Very suspicious, I know. *acts sneaky*

      I will definitely have to check that out. (I'm mad at myself for not checking it out the minute I first read your comment. :P) Thanks for the recommendation! :)

      *shakes head* It might just happen. :P

      Thanks for commenting! :)

  6. Great answers! I should have added Ever After to my list...I haven't seen that in forever!

    1. Thank you! It's such a great movie. :)

      Thanks for commenting! :)