Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Get to Know Me Tag and Shenanigans

This is one of those rare photos that makes me look way younger than I am

The lovely Victoria @ Stori Tori’s Blog nominated me for this tag several months ago (thanks Tori!), and at long last I am getting around to it. Go me! 

Vital Stats—

Name: Elizabeth Brooks

Nicknames: Liz, Lizzie, Little Miss Morbid, Little Brooks

Birthday: January 1

Place of birth: Whitesburg, Kentucky

Star Sign: Capricorn, not that I’m into astrology.

Occupation: Full-time, as-of-yet-unpaid writer and blogger. 


Hair color: It’s this goldenish, brownish, reddish…thing. 

Hair length: It falls about six inches below my shoulders.

Eye color: I would say blue-grey, but that's really vague. Also, it's rather difficult to get an accurate picture of my eye color, so here are my two best attempts. 

Best feature: My left knee cap—I have an exceptionally attractive left knee cap. You’re just going to have to trust me on this one. 

Braces: I had them removed about eight months ago. 

Piercings: I got my ears pierced when I was eight, but I built up an intolerance to the metal in my earrings, so I had to let the holes close. 

Tattoos: None, and I’m on the fence about whether I would ever get one or not. 

Righty or lefty: Both, actually. 


First best friend: Katelin Davis. 

Zat would be Katelin on ze left and moi on ze right. 

Award: I don’t actually know. The first award I can remember winning was a $100 university scholarship from a bank. Little first-grader me delivered this whole speech about how I was planning to be a veterinarian, and now I feel a little bad about that scholarship because I no longer intend on being a vet. Oops. 

Sport: Karate. 

Real holiday: New Year’s Day, because, um, that’s the day I was born. 

Concert: I think I’d attended some smaller in-church concerts before, but my first official concert was when Selah visited Bangor, Maine. 


Film: This is a cruel and unreasonable question. *pouts* I’m going to have to say MISS AUSTEN REGRETS, because it makes me cry every. Single. Time. And I never cry at movies. Also, it has a gorgeous soundtrack. 

TV show: Star Trek (All of them. I’m not even going to pick the original or a specific spin-off—I refuse.)

Color: Green.

Song: How does one pick a favorite? I literally couldn’t choose an all-time favorite if I tried, and if I had one it would be too personal to share anyway, so I’m just going to share the top three I’ve been obsessively listening to the most over the past few days:

Restaurant: When I was a young-un, my town had this wonderful restaurant called Helen’s, but it burned down when I was working at camp two summers ago. *sad face* Of course, they rebuilt it and everything, but the new building doesn’t have the same cozy feel. So now I need to pick a different one. 

Shop: Barnes & Noble, hands down. I have such good memories of book shopping at various Barnes & Nobles. 

Book: Again with the impossible questions. *shakes head disapprovingly* Because I’m a rebel, I will list eleven, but even that’s not fair. 

Magazine: WORLD. It has news and music/movie/book reviews and other fun stuff. All of its content is thoughtful, well-written, and presented from a Christian perspective. 

Shoes: Combat boots. At this moment, I don’t own any, but I want to buy a pair (or knock-offs, if real combat boots are too expensive). I can’t even tell you how much I need these in my life. 


Feeling: Relatively peaceful. 

Single or taken: Wouldn’t you like to know. (I jest—I’m single. I do have an imaginary fiancé though.)

Eating: Nope. Food is for the weak. 

Listening to: "Fall Away" by Twenty One Pilots—I believe we already covered this. 

Thinking about: Is it possible to listen to two songs at once—like, one song in one ear, and one song in the other? Because I would totally be up for trying that. But my computer has only one headphone port, and I only have one set of earbuds, so this might be problematic—and even if it did, I’m not sure how I’d work it out. Maybe I could use my iPod as well? My old computer had two ports, and when both my old sets of earbuds broke on one side, I plugged the two of them into my computer and used one bud from each set and that worked nicely for a couple days. Now I have only one pair of (dying) earbuds. Which brings me to my next life problem—I average about two to three months per set of earbuds. It’s pathetic. And I’m not even rough with them—I just use them all. The. Time. Except that one instance when I caught the cord on a doorjamb and severed it. That would probably fall under the rough treatment category. Worse still, that pair had been my best pair, and it had lasted me a year already. 

Watching: At this very moment? Nothing. But just in my general life right now—Star Trek: Voyager (for the fourth time, I think), The Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead, The Flash, Arrow. 

Wearing: Pat’s Pizza T-shirt, yoga pants, hat. Your grandmother’s prized jewelry. 


Want children: Not really, no. 

Want to be married: Maybe? Not really? People don’t take me seriously when I say I have little to no interest in any sort of romantic relationship, but it’s true. Granted, I could possibly be persuaded to make an exception, if he were rich and owned a castle and twelve Lamborghinis and gave me bookstores when I asked for them. 

Careers in mind: Writer, professional assassin, bounty hunter. (Only one of these is true—can you guess which?)

Where do you want to live: The Starship Enterprise. 

Do you believe in…

God: Yes 

Miracles: Yes. 

Love at first sight: I refer you to this post

Ghosts: No. 

Aliens: Not really. 

Soul mates: Sure. 

Heaven: Yes. 

Hell: Yes. 

Kissing on the first date: Ew. 

Yourself: “Hey Liz, do you believe in me?” “Why yes, Liz, I do.” Well, then, there you have it. 

Okay, that’s it for the tag, my little coffee beans. BUT, I must add something at the end because I’ve seen two other lovely bloggers do something like this, and I want in. So now is your chance to ask me questions—about myself, my writing, my habits, my top-secret heists, my devastating good looks, you name it. In three weeks or so, I will collect your questions and answer as many of them as I can (but I reserve the right to ignore awkward/overly personal inquiries). 

As for the tag, I hereby nominate Aimee @ To the Barricade!, Alexa @ Summer Snowflakes, Ashley @ [insert title here], Cait @ Paper Fury, Heather @ Sometimes I’m a Story, Imogen @ Gossiping with Dragons, Opal @ Opal Swirls, RM Lutz @ The Book Hound, Tessa @ Books, Bubbles, & ArohanuiVictoria @ The Endless Oceans of My Mind, and anyone else who wants to do this. Seriously, just consider yourselves all tagged. Or don’t, if that works for you. *nods* 

There you have it, little coffee beans. Are you planning to do the tag? Do you want to answer any of the categories in the comments instead? Do you have any questions for me? (The answer is yes.) 


  1. Great learning more about you as a person. Fun that your birthday is January 1st.

    1. Aww, thank you! And yeah, it is super fun to have my birthday on the 1st.

      Thanks for commenting! :)

  2. Thanks for the tag! Loved hearing your answers.

    1. You're welcome, and thank you!

      Thanks for commenting! :)

  3. Thanks for taking me!!! And I agree, if you manage to find a dude with 12 and a castle and lots of bookstores then you should probably marry him. After all, bookstores are pretty awesome. It was great to learn more about you!

    1. You're welcome!!! Yeah, I think it would be rather silly of me not to marry a guy like that. Bookstores are worth it. *nods* Aww, thank you!

      Thanks for commenting! :)

  4. Awesome tag! I'll join in. . . sometime soon hopefully.
    You like the Phantom of the Opera too!? That book is awesome. I really enjoyed it.
    Ah! Combat boots. I'd like a pair of those some day too.
    So questions? Uh. . .
    Do you own a unicorn?
    Have you ever ventured over the rainbow bridge to Asgard?
    Do you prefer Norse myth or Greek myth?
    What is one of your favorite Lizzie Bennet quotes?
    Have you read the Lunar Chronicles?
    Do you ever paint your nails? (Clearly, I'm having trouble coming up with questions.)
    Do you have a favorite pizza topping? Or a favorite pizza restaurant?
    What is your favorite fairy tale?
    Do you like to write with multiple POV characters or just one?
    What is that one book that you've always wanted to write?
    Okay, I guess that's all I can think up.

    1. Thanks! And no rush. :P
      The Phantom of the Opera is SO GOOD. ALSDKFJA;LSDKJF. I'm glad you liked it! :D
      Combat boots are the best. *nods*
      Ooh, these are good questions. *takes notes* I'm really excited to answer them. Thanks for asking such cool questions! :)
      Thanks for commenting! :)

  5. OMG YOU NOMINATE MEEEEE. THANKYOU. Although Idek if I can spill so many life secrets. Pssht. Although we are both JANUARY FIENDS, LIZ!! I'm on the 12th. Clearly January is the month when epic people of grand intentions are born.

    Also I never knew you wanted to be a bounty hunter...I'm guessing that's the real one of the future career aspirations? IT WOULDN'T BE THE WRITER OF COURSE NOT.

    Ugh, I'm so not romantic. I would rather marry my bookshelf, tbh. think probably polygamy since there are so many books in it? Gee. Let's not talk about my morals.

    How long does it take you to write a book draft?
    When you get published, how do you plan to celebrate?
    Is there a book you really really want to write but haven't yet? TELL US ALL. (Please?)
    Are you agreeable to coffee cake?

    1. I DO. YOU'RE WELCOME. Well, you could always just make up fake answers. You do have to maintain a certain air of mystery to be world ruler. *nods* AND WE ARE JANUARY FIENDS INDEED. January is definitely a month for epic people. :P

      YOU ARE CORRECT CAIT. It's not something I talk about a lot, but I've always wanted to be a bounty hunter. I'm thinking I should also pretend to be a writer, just so the people I'm hunting down don't get suspicious of little, old, helpless-looking writer me.

      I would also rather marry my bookshelf, even if that's technically polygamy. *hugs bookshelves*


      Thanks for commenting! :)

  6. Ahhh I must do this! I just love hearing about people :D

    1. DO IT. :D I love hearing about people too. :)

      Thanks for commenting! :)


    People don't take me seriously when I say I'm not interested in a relationship either. I'm just not. Not everyone is?? And that's okay :) Thanks for the tag, this will be fun to do!

    What's the longest its ever taken you to read a book? What shade of green is your favorite?


      People are lame. *nods* That is my big theory. I always find it weird when people act like it's not normal or not possible to not desire a romantic relationship. *shakes head* IT'S TOTALLY OKAY TO LIKE BEING SINGLE. You're welcome! I'm looking forward to reading yours. :)

      These questions are good--I'm really excited to answer them! :D

      Thanks for commenting! :)

  8. I'm glad you got to the tag! :D Your eyes are a pretty color. ^ ^ I didn't know you were a Trekkie! TREKKIES UNITE! Who's your favorite character? Do you like originals or NG better?

    1. It took me long enough. :P But I really enjoyed doing it, so thanks again for tagging me! :) And aww, thank you!!! TREKKIES UNITE! WE SHALL TAKE OVER THE UNIVERSE. (And I will totally answer those questions in the Q&A. *nods* They are good questions and I will have to give them adequate thought)

      Thanks for commenting! :)

  9. Yay Star Trek! Yay Ender's Game! And yay music! It was really fun to get to know you, and also, thanks for tagging me!

    Let's see... interesting question for you... hm. If you could eat one thing you've never tried before at no cost to you (in case you want to eat million dollar jello or whatever), what would you ask to try?

    1. *does happy dance* *runs around flailing* Aww, thank you! :D And you're welcome!

      Ooh, that is a really good question--I'm looking forward to answering it. :P Thank you!

      Thanks for commenting! :)

  10. Thanks for the tag! Oh my goodness, YES, I totally relate about being asked to pick a favorite song. Like, there is so much awesome music and my favorite song changes every other week. So... how do I pick a favorite?

    I love Inkheart too!!! <3

    Hmm, I’m gonna say... bounty hunter? In exchange for bookstores, of course. ;)

    My one question would be if the heists are top-secret, can we even ask about them?


    1. You're welcome! IT'S SO HARD. Would I ask a mother to pick a favorite child? NO. So don't make me pick a favorite song, please I beg of you!

      <3 Inkheart is amazing. :)

      You are a clever one. *nods*

      That is a good question. Thanks for asking! All shall be revealed in due time. :P

      Thanks for commenting! :)

  11. You definitely want to be a professional assassin... I can see it in your eyes...

    May I ask why you believe in soulmates? The soulmates thing has always confused me.

    Also, I don't blame you for not wanting to be in a (romantic) relationship. I'm like that, as well. People will never understand. People may not take me serious for not having a crush on every boy I see and I don't take them seriously for dating every boy they see. It takes the purpose out of romance, y'know? I just wanna know if they were even in love in the first place...

    1. *whispers into comms* She knows too much. Permission to make her disappear? *ahem* I mean, that's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.

      I don't think I necessarily define soulmates in the way that most people do. I believe in kindred spirits--people who share so much in common and connect so well it's like they've always been meant to be connected somehow. But I also don't necessarily think you only have one available soulmate, and I don't think soulmates have to be solely romantic. I think you can have friends who are soulmates, in a way. Does that make sense, or have I just made it more confusing? :P

      Ooh, another person who understands! I feel the same way about people who date every boy they see, or crush on every boy. Like, why? Why does your heart mean so little, that you can so easily give it away? But I think it bothers me more when people try to push that on me, like it's not only normal, but healthy. *growls*

      Thank you for commenting! :)