Wednesday, April 27, 2016

And the Truth Comes Out

Last week, I shared with you five truths and four lies, and I had you guess which “facts” were true and which were false. (If you haven’t read that post yet, I recommend you do so before continuing with this one.) I thoroughly enjoyed reading your guesses. And now it’s time to provide the promised answers. 

1) I’m probably hiding in your closet right now. You got me. This one was a lie. Or was it? *evil laugh* But seriously, how many of you compulsively checked your closets even though you knew I was lying? (Because I totally checked mine.) 

2) I don’t suffer from caffeine-withdrawal headaches when I go without coffee. This one is actually true. The only caffeine-related headaches I get, that I’m aware of, are ones from drinking too much caffeine. (Admittedly, I do have frequent headaches—ranging from low-level to migraine—but I haven’t noticed a direct correlation between the times I get headaches and the times I go without coffee.) Every few months or so, I go off coffee for about a week, because it always tastes better after a break, and I don’t experience an uptick in headaches. I don’t know if my periodic breaks have any bearing on my lack of withdrawal issues, or if I physically can’t get addicted to caffeine. *shrugs* I’m still waiting for Marvel to realize this gives me Avenger potential. *sits and waits by the phone* 

3) I am ambivalent about Nate Ruess’ singing abilities. This was a dirty, rotten lie, and it hurt me to type it. Here, have a link to a brilliant example of why I love Nate Ruess’ singing. And here, have another one for good measure. I was a little surprised that not many of you have heard of him, but looking back, I should probably have linked to some of his music so you could get an idea of his singing voice (as I am doing now). My bad. I should probably have also specified that he’s the lead singer of Fun., for those of you who don’t know band members by name. (He also has a solo album.) 

4) I love Panic! at the Disco. This was a lie. *hangs head* I’ve tried to get into P!ATD multiple times, and it stands to reason that I should love their style because it has a lot of the elements that I normally go for in music, and because I tend to like the kind of musicians (like Nate Ruess) signed by their record label, Fueled By Ramen. But I just don’t, and I’m not exactly sure why. *hides from rabid fans* 

5) My favorite numbers are one and eleven. This is true. I have a super secret reason for these being my favorite numbers. Obviously I will never tell you that super secret reason, because then it wouldn’t be super secret anymore (logic, I know). But it’s fun to rub it’s super-secretiveness in your face. 

6) I love reading the classics. This is also true. I grew up on the classics, and I’m still in love with them. I haven’t read nearly as many as I would like to, and there are so many I want to reread. SO MUCH READING. *runs around in circles* *has small meltdown* 

7) Chickens are my favorite kind of bird. Many of you thought this one was a lie, and I don’t blame you at all. Chickens are not known for their intelligence or beauty, and it appears I strike people as a more majestic-bird-loving type (which is quite a compliment, I think, so thank you), but it is in fact the truth. Normal people lose it around adorable puppies. I lose it around chickens. I just—they’re just— I love chickens. 

8) I am deathly afraid of spiders. This was actually a lie. But let me clarify before you peg me as a psychopath/not-very-nice person/public menace. I do not like spiders. I do not keep them as pets and give them names and cry when people kill them. I actually do have a soul. But I am not deathly afraid of them. I don't run away from them or freak out when one crosses my path. When I see spiders, my first instinct is to puke because they are revolting creatures with an unreasonable number of legs, and my next instinct is to kill, kill, kill. Approximately 2.5 seconds after I see a given spider, I have taken care of it and disposed of the body. Killing spiders gives me joy. Some people get high on drugs. I hunt out the dark corners of my room where spiders are likely to be hiding, and then I kill them all. Nothing beats that sort of high. Many try to flee, but none survive my wrath.  I am a hitman, a spider serial killer. Spiders fear me. *evil, slightly unbalanced laughter* *brandishes flamethrower*

9) In kindergarten, my fellow classmates frequently got upset with me for reading too quickly. This is actually true, and it’s part of the reason why my mother started homeschooling me in fourth grade. I only attended the last third/fourth (approximately) of kindergarten in America, and that was when the trouble started, and it was the same for first grade (not for second grade because I spent part of that in a missionary school in Africa, where I wasn't given any trouble, and part homeschooled), and third grade. My classmates weren’t all mean, but a lot of them complained that I read too quickly, or that I wrote too much for the writing assignments, or that I answered too many of the questions in class. (Peasants.) My various teachers also complained that I was reading too quickly and making the other kids feel bad. (Poor them.) I got picked on a lot, and I even got a couple hate notes.  (Side note: If you're going to send an anonymous hate note to someone you dislike for being smart, you might want to consider that they're smart enough to figure out who wrote the hate note. At least try to disguise your handwriting.) It’s been my experience that kids who try to do well in school don’t get much respect. It’s also been my experience that kids are a lot more cruel and messed-up than their parents are willing to admit. Not that I’m bitter or anything. *attacks school yearbook with  aforementioned flamethrower* 

And that is all for today, little coffee beans. Last month, I said that I would resume posting twice a week come May, but because I am going to be busy moving to a new apartment in May, and because I still haven’t caught up with blog reading and comment answering yet, I’m going to post only on Wednesdays until June (unless I start feeling like I have a lot of free time on my hands). Sorry. In the meantime, what is your favorite bird? Are you afraid of spiders? What is/are your favorite number(s)?


  1. But if you checked in your closet too then. . . *whispers* wouldn't you be inside your closet? Well, at least your head.

    Okay, I did not see the chicken one coming. At all. But to each her own. Um, I never really thought about what my favorite bird would be? Maybe, penguins. Penguins are cute, and they're paradoxes as they have wings but don't actually fly.

    You may kill all the spiders. I only kill spiders when I have to (aka when I have to be brave for my little sister). I cannot stand the way their exoskeletons pop when you smoosh them. Eck! Although once I had to kill one in the car before the spider attacked me (okay, I *might* be exaggerating about the attack part, but just a little).

    Wow, I can't believe the other kids actually sent you hate messages because you read faster than them. That's so stupid (for various reasons). It's even worse the way the teachers reacted. They're supposed to encourage students to do their best. Agh! That upsets me. Why are people so ridiculously absurd?! Okay, I'm down ranting now.

    Nate Ruess does have a very nice voice.

    1. It was really scary to check my closet and find my head in it. Now I'm super paranoid. *checks closet* *has small panic attack* *whispers* My head is still there.

      I know, chickens are really strange for a favorite bird. But I love them. *hugs chickens* Penguins are super cute though. *nods* And they are perfect little paradoxes, all dapper in their little tuxes.

      I will kill the spiders. *grabs handy flamethrower* I don't like the way they pop though. That is super gross. But worth it. Because if they pop, it means their dead. I believe you about the attacking bit. :P I've come across some pretty aggressive ones.

      I know, some children are shockingly mean. I'm sure if I could watch the situation now, from an older point of view, I might be able to relate to the teachers a little more (at least to understand their motivations), but it certainly wasn't encouraging for studious little me. People are absurd because they are people (deep, I know, and very wise *preens*). But I'm right there with you. I could rant for hours if I let myself.

      He does. I'm glad you agree. :)

      Thanks for commenting! :)

  2. OKAY BUT SPIDERS ARE TERRIFYING AND COULD CRAWL IN YOUR EARS AND KILL YOUR BRAIN. <-- This is a logical phobia and not weird at all. Ahem.
    I also am immune to caffeine I think. :( It doesn't give me a buzz AT ALL and I'm meh whether I have it or not. Like I love the flavour, but I don't ever crave it. Whyyyyy am I cursed thusly. *shrieks*

    Also people are horrible to smart people. I think it's because it makes them feel dumb? Whether that's true or not, *shrugs* BUT I guess that's the psychology behind giving smart (or just nerdy) kids a hard time. I was never, like, a genius, but I was ALWAYS reading and I used to get teased for a lot. Unfortunately I'm a sensitive soul, and it made me quit reading a bit when I was small. SILLY YOUNGER-CAIT. I'm making up for it now though *reads a zillion books*

    This was a really fun post, Liz. ;D

    1. It is a very logical phobia. *nods* *puts on ear muffs* At last you have uncovered the true reason why I kill all the spiders. Because if I don't kill them first, they'll kill me. *burns down house as preemptive strike*

      The sadness. *sheds tear* I love the flavor too, and the caffeine gives me a buzz about 50% of the time. It is truly awful to be cursed. I feel for you.

      They really are, and I do agree. It does seem like people try to dumb down or shame smarter people so the IQ difference is not as obvious. And know there are some people I've encountered along the way who really liked it when I made mistakes or got answers wrong because it made them feel smarter. *shrugs* It happens. I'm so sorry you got teased for reading a lot. I got some flak for it too, and it's no fun. I'm glad you were able to get back into reading. :D

      Aww, thank you! I'm glad you liked it. :D

      Thanks for commenting! :)

  3. Ugh. Gosh darn it, I only got 6 and 8.

    I hate spiders *shivers* Can you come to Ireland and kill all of them in my house?

    I'm sorry for hearing that you got picked on for being too smart. We clever ones are constantly picked on *raises nose in the air* Okay, so I'm only good at Non-mathematical subjects and languages but still- I can spell words really well. If I don't brag about that, who will? Who... will?

    (I'm a new reader and don't really know you but whatever you seem pretty funny)

    1. Well, I think you did marvelously. :)

      I'm on my way right now. Tell the spiders to expect me. *brandishes throwing knives* Also, I've always wanted to go to Ireland, so this is a perfect excuse.

      *evil genius laugh* I'm not very good at math, unless I'm doing algebra or just thinking about it in the abstract. Spelling is a valuable skill. You have full rights to brag. *nods sagely*

      (Welcome! *gives you coffee beans* And aww, I'm glad you think I'm funny. :D)

  4. I'm not afraid of spiders either. I don't like them crawling on me or anything, but I don't freak out like some of my friends. Wasps on the other hand ... they have some kind of unreasonable hatred for me. Wow. That sucks about being picked on for reading too fast and writing too much. Too bad that the other kids feel bad. Just because one person is gifted doesn't mean they have to dumb themselves down. So stupid. I was homeschooled all the way through, but I feel like if I had gone to Kindergarten I would have gotten similar treatment because I tended do similar things. Good luck with your move!

    1. *high fives you* I don't like them crawling on me either, but it just fuels my hate fires and makes it even easier to kill them. It seems we're twins. :P Ooh, yeah, wasps aren't fun. They don't have anything specific against me, but I'm a little more cautious when I'm killing them, since they do tend to be more aggressive. And yeah, it does. But it made me a little stubborn, so I just read faster. :P And anyway, people are gifted in different areas--I'm sure some of those kids just weren't paying attention to the fact that they were better at different things. I was definitely glad to homeschool for the rest of school, especially through high school. Thank you!

      Thank you for commenting! :)

  5. You don’t suffer from caffeine withdrawal headaches when you go without coffee?? THAT IS AMAZING.

    I'm actually surprised by what is true, which is cool :) This is such a cool tag :)

    1. *struts around pompously* That is correct. I feel really bad for people who do have to suffer withdrawal headaches. *shares resistance with others*

      :P Always happy to surprise people. I'm glad you like the tag! :)

      Thanks for commenting! :)

  6. I must admit, I did compulsively check my closet. *shrugs* It seemed plausible.

    UM CAN YOU COME AND BE MY PERSONAL SPIDER KILLER??? I pay in books, chocolate, coffee, and writing time.

    *turns nose up* PEASANTS. Those classmates and teachers just did not understand your brilliance. I guarantee they're eating their words now.

    Also, that tag about the Winchester boys. Freaking beauty. <3


    1. *evil laugh* I'm right there with you. When it comes to things like this, I always check, even though I know otherwise.

      I CAN. *stands on rooftop with cape flowing dramatically in the wind* I shall save the day. And I shall accept your form of payment.

      Exactly. PEASANTS. I shall make them small chocolate cakes shaped like their words and feed them to them (because I'm nice but also mean).

      Hehe. I was hoping someone would notice that. :P *bows dramatically* <3

  7. Ahh, I can see what you mean about spiders. I think I am the same way in that regard. I will startle when I see them but then it is my instinct to smash them flat with a shoe. Also, chickens are your favorite bird? *squints* Okie dokie then. If you are saying so, I guess. (Chickens just don't seem cute to me. They seem gross.)

    Also, I get what you mean about sometimes being more advanced than your classmates. I never left public school (*shudders* Imagine having to stay at home all day with your family??? D: I would have probably drowned myself or something like that to escape.) but fortunately I found a lot of advanced programs to help out. Also, there is no shame in just being better than other people, lololol.

    1. Yeah, seeing one is more jarring than anything--like, oh look, there is this random living thing in the room with me that I did not notice earlier. How long have I been unaware of it? I almost accidentally stepped on a huge one while I was barefoot, and that would have been really jarring (and squishily gross). Yes, chickens are indeed my favorite bird. But I can understand why you wouldn't think so. It probably comes from having so many good experiences at my cousins', where they kept chickens. So like, they remind me of a happy, safe place. I hope that makes sense. :P Also, they're really nosey and quirky.

      :P I was definitely the opposite when it came to that. Hang out with people all day? Please just kill me now. It was much easier for me to hole up in my room and do my schoolwork all my lonesome all day. lol.

      Thanks for commenting! :)